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My name is Joshua Crist, owner and photographer of Steelworks Media. My interest and passion for photography came about while I was attending college for my Associates in Video Production. During this time, I purchased my first film Canon AE-1 Program camera. Shortly thereafter, I joined the military and had the opportunity to travel different parts of the country from Hawaii to Florida. During my travels and explorations of places I had never been, I took the opportunity to expand on my photography experience. While I was stationed in San Antonio, Texas, I was asked to photograph several retirement ceremonies. After that, I decided to get involved in wedding photography. I did this for several years. Currently, I am no longer in the Military and live in the Cincinnati area where I am working with one of the most recognized wedding photographers in the area. I have found wedding and event photography to be fun  and exciting. There is nothing better than savoring the special day that marks a couple's beginning of something new and meant to last forever. I also find great joy in photographing landscapes, city skylines, and other natural settings.


Fun Fact:

"I enjoy doing cross country trips with my son, stopping by national parks to enjoy the nature and beautiful landscapes."

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