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Platinum Member

As a professional photographer, customer service is my number one focus. As a way to guarantee that commitment to my customers, I have become a member of the Canon Professional Services (CPS). As a Platinum member of CPS, a fast turnaround time is guaranteed on repairs and maintenance of my photography gear in the event of equipment failure. Canon's way of supporting professional photographers in the event the turnaround time cannot be met, Canon will supply loaner equipment until my equipment is repaired. This means you as a customer can have the comfort of knowing I will be there for you ready to photograph your special event. Unlike other professional services that are an invite only service, I as a professional have a commitment to meet each year with Canon to guarantee my customer’s needs are met. But above and beyond the Canon Professional Services guarantee, I also maintain my own set of backup gear to make sure the show goes on. I am committed to making your special event one you can cherish, look back on, and share with others for years to come.


Joshua Crist

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